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What Can You Do Personally to Combat Climate Change?

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

We have been talking about Climate Change for 50 years. Yet we are doing exactly what is in the story told in the Movie “Don’t Look Up”. This movie was about an asteroid tumbling towards the earth which would destroy our planet. Yet the wealthy and other people in power suggested we should “sit back and access the situation” which they did until it was too late and the asteroid destroyed the planet. We are headed in the same direction with climate change.

The succinct statement we can make about what humans are doing is, “We know it is happening and what it will do, we know humans caused it, we have the tools to stop it, yet we are still assessing”. Climate change is at the top of the list for many, and yet action on climate change gets relegated to the bottom of that list. If we don’t act soon, we will not have a livable planet for future generations.

We have all been waiting for someone else to do something. But we know now after this year of obstruction from the Republican Party (and all the years before) that it is going to be difficult for President Biden to get significant action on bills aimed at tackling this issue. We could wait a few more years, but we don’t have time for that.

In this short essay, I cannot tell you the facts about climate change and all the things you could do. So I am going to mention two actions and then in succeeding essays I will suggest even more personal actions you could take.

1. Keep informed about the Build Back Better Act which now President Biden says he will split up so at least some parts of it will be passed. Then call and write your senators and representative and ask them to support the new act on Climate Change.

2. Go to the website for the North Georgia Conservation Coalition, go to the 2nd page (Initiatives), and scroll down to the section “Download Our checklists”. Open these and print them if you can, so you can keep them in front of you wherever you go. If you already are doing some of the things on the list, great, find some you are not doing and begin doing them. If you see something that you think you just can’t stop doing, for the planet, say to yourself, “Yes I Can”! Then share the checklists with 3 other friends or family members and ask them to share.

In future essays, I will pass on some ideas about non-profits to support, documentaries to watch, events to attend or that you could plan, and books that will open your eyes and get you taking action every day!!

Bette Holland, Director

North Georgia Conservation Coalition

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