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Our Story

The North Georgia Conservation Coalition is a not-for-profit, non-partisan group of businesses and people striving to keep North Georgia beautiful and safe by promoting practices that protect our environment and save energy

Since the beginning of our coalition we have been working with our government officials to take actions that would cut carbon emissions. 


Our first project was to work with the Dawson County Commission and the county fire department helping them to implement low cost actions to cut utility expenses and carbon emissions at the same time through changing light fixtures in all government buildings to LED and taking other cost saving methods.  The county, city and school systems have all participated in this effort. 


We have also provided these government entities with information about installing solar and EV Changing stations and changing some of their vehicles to EV’s.  We also held an electric vehicle car show planned November 13 in conjunction with Clean Cities Georgia.

Green Leaves

We Must Conserve

Land: Forests, pasture lands, parks, livable communities.  Clean and safe work places must be retained through sustainable land use.

Air: C02, methane, and nitrous oxide contribute to heart disease, stroke, lung disease, bronchitis and allergies, leading to premature death for tens of thousands of US residents.

Energy:  Air and energy conservation are inseparable. Buildings of all types are the largest source of harmful emissions due to the use of power needed to operate computers, HVAC systems, lighting and other energy driven machines and appliances.

Water: Due to increasing demands on water resources, it is important that water conservation practices be followed.  Some counties, such as Dawson County, have already taken steps to ensure this.

Additional Resources

While we work in North Georgia, we get our inspiration from many great organizations.  Here are a few of the resources you can use to research your own initiatives at home, at work, or in the community.


There are many more organizations dealing with climate change on the state, national, and worldwide level. These are the ones we use the most. Be sure you look at the credentials of the organization you choose to support. The NGCC does not try to reinvent the wheel in everything we do. We depend on these groups for ideas and action items and then try to focus on North Georgia. If you have a specific interest like forests, water, oceans, air and land conservation, we can help you find a group to connect with.

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