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Our Initiatives for North Georgia

Solarize Forsyth & Dawson

Interested in having solar on your rooftop!?? If you live in Dawson or Forsyth you have the opportunity to get it cheaper and with lots less headaches because we are now part of Solarize Forsyth!


Educate and encourage other North Georgia organizations to join our coalition

EV Club of North Georgia


Join the EV Club of North GA on Facebook and at our monthly meet-ups.

Inflation Reduction Act and How You can Benefit from Rebates and Tax Credits

Energy Savings @ Home

Work with residential communities and individuals to encourage energy conservation in their homes.

Earth Day

Click below for a recap of Earth Day 2023

Download our checklists

Pick something from our lists, and help us make the world just
a little more livable.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Plastic Bottle at Beach
Food Packaging

Save Energy & Reduce Carbon Emissions

Making a Difference

Reduce Plastic Waste

Doing What’s Needed

Reduce Food Waste

Tackling the Issue

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