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Environment in Danger But We Can Make a Difference

Think About Our Children and Grandchildren

The latest SCOTUS decision not allowing the EPA to enforce standards for clean air and water will severely hamper our efforts to create a healthy environment for our children and grandchildren. The Supreme Court clearly made this decision based on the support of the fossil fuel companies. Then the next week Joe Manchin, D Senator from West Virginia refused to support the budget reconciliation bill which meant there would be no money from Congress to support programs that ensure clean air and clean water for our country.

As the Natural Resources Defense Council has said, “The Supreme Court Decision is a Gut Punch to the EPA's Ability to Tackle Climate Change. Their decision restricts — but does not eliminate — the agency's ability to cut carbon pollution from the nation's power plants.” Joe Manchin’s decision also puts a strain on our efforts to maintain a livable environment. We must elect a Governor, US Congress, US Senate, and state house and senate that supports clean air and clean water. Before you vote for anyone, whichever party you are going to vote for, make sure you check out their stand on insuring a livable planet for our future. Make sure you know how they feel about supporting the Clean Air and Water Act. Check out their stance on preserving our forests and oceans.

Most voters in Georgia support action to keep our environment safe and healthy for our children and grandchildren.

Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. Each year, an estimated 8.7 million people die worldwide because of fossil-fuel–generated pollution, and over 200,000 of these occur in the US. This will only continue to increase if we do not act decisively to cut pollution!

The North Georgia Conservation Coalition will be holding a community meeting on Thursday September 8 at 6 pm at the Dawson County Public Library to hear about ways YOU can help cut pollution in your home and daily life. In addition, you will get information about a new program available in Dawson County to help you afford and install solar on your home to cut emissions and energy costs!! Please join us!!

Linda Ryan

North Georgia Conservation Coalition

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